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panoramah! Windows & Doors

Portalais is excited to partner with PanoramAH, a leader in Minimal Frame Glazing Systems.

A Swiss company with manufacturing in Portugal, PanoramAH is known for their innovative, large expanse glass openings. Where design is less limited by size of the glass components and freedom to create transparent walls of glass that are moveable. Sliding either horizontally or vertically, PanoramAH can open up design possibilities no other manufacturer can.

PanoramAH offers slim profile lines combined with the largest panels in the industry, with current glazing options at up to a mind blowing 300 sq. ft.

PanoramAH are also unique within the industry as the only manufacturer that produces their own Insulated Glass options for their frames.

Vidromax, PanoramAH’s sister company, produces all of the glass for PanoramAH’s projects. This enables Portalais to combine custom windows by PanoramAH with other manufacturer’s swing doors and windows and supply the same glass throughout the project.

Portalais currently has a large luxury home under construction with PanoramAH on the shore of Lake Tahoe. Other projects are “in the works” and a Design Center PanoramAH display at Portalais coming soon.