Perfecting state-of-the-art techniques to create aesthetic,
historical and quality products since 1760.

Ateliers Perrault

Create an elegant and distinct look for your property with authentic period design french architectural windows and doors in restored antique and reproduction

Ateliers Perrault have been providing exclusive window and door products for more than 250 years.

Despite their scale, ATELIERS PERRAULT remain artisans at heart. With one hundred highly skilled and passionate craftsmen, their unique structure combines all the advantages of industrialized production methods with the flexibility of hand crafted fabrication. Portalais can assist clients in benefiting from ATELIERS PERRAULT’s many years of acquired know-how and unequalled Research and Development resources to complete the most demanding and personalized projects.

ATELIERS PERRAULT products are tested in house during development and by official laboratories for validation. Regular control testing and disciplined workshop procedure assure the quality expected by our clientele.